8 Essential Oil Blends For Pain

Pain Relief Blends

There are many essential oils that are used to help with pain and inflammation individually. However, when two or more are mixed together it creates a synergy. Synergy is when you combine two or more things together that work better together than they do individually. Essential oils enhance each other when blended correctly. I encourage you to learn more about blending essential oils before you try to create your own blends. It’s not rocket science, but it’s more than just mixing some oils in a bottle. Here are some blends for inflammation and pain to get you started, and may help you feel better.

Aches, Pain and Rheumatism

10 drops     Rosemary
6 drops       Juniper
8 drops       Lavender
Any carrier oil 1 1/2 oz (about 45 ml/ 3 tbsp)

Mix all oils, and apply externally as needed.

General Headaches

Massage around the temples, and the base of the skull

3 drops      Lavender
1 drop        Peppermint
1 drop        *Sweet Marjoram
*(can substitute with Chamomile if pregnant)

Blend 1 drop of the oil combination with 1 drop of carrier oil such as : Emu, Grapeseed, Sweet Almond, Apricot, etc.

Sinus Headaches/ Sinusitis

Massage:                                                                                                 Steam inhalation method:

2 drops     Eucalyptus                                                                              1 drop     Peppermint
3 drops     Peppermint                                                                             1 drop     Thyme
5 drops     Rosemary                                                                                3 drops   Rosemary
5 drops     Geranium

Use 5 drops of the oil blend per 1 teaspoon of carrier oil.

Nerve Pain

4 drops     Chamomile
3 drops     Sweet Marjoram
2 drops     Lavender
3 drops     Helichrysum (optional)

Mix blend with 1 oz/ 3 tbsp carrier oil

Back Pain

Dilute each blend in 2 tbsp of carrier oil.

Back Blend 1                                                                                 Back Blend 2

10 drops    Rosemary                                                                      10 drops    Chamomile
10 drops    Thyme                                                                            10 drops    Eucalyptus
10 drops    Lavender                                                                       10 drops    Ginger

Back Blend 3

10 drops    Rosemary
10 drops   Sweet Marjoram
10 drops    Lavender

Remember, you can use this chart to learn more about the oils in the recipes above, or to help you create your own blends. Either way, all of the oils in the recipes (& more) are available at our stores, or you can get already-made blends for pain relief. It’s always good to have options. Now you know of some inflammation & pain relief options with essential oils & herbs.

Happy Blending!



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Image courtesy of Praisaeng/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net