Weight Loss – Many Roads Well Traveled

In the age where the answers to anything lie at our fingertips, it’s a wonder why we still haven’t found the perfect solution to losing that tire around our waists or the thunder on our thighs. For all of our similarities and the things that biologically bond us as human beings – it’s often that same biology that sets us so far apart. What gave you your muffin top may not be what gave your mother-in-law her turkey neck, or your buxom co-worker her seemingly unachievable “assets.”

So where do YOU start? Why did “this” diet work for so-and-so, but left you with a bigger waistband and a few bucks poorer? These questions are all too common, however, the solution can often be found in the problem. Finding the cause of your bloated issue can be the biggest part of your weight loss challenge.  And that is where we come in.

Knowledge is power, and the guiltless bliss barely ever lasts past New Year’s; when you regret each meal since Thanksgiving. The information is there and your answer is waiting. Take a look on the next pages at a few of the most successful, popular, and scientifically-backed “Schools of Nutrition” or “diets” as you may know them.