16 Mason Jar Salads to Take to Work

I can’t get enough of Mason jar meals. I love how portable and perfectly portioned these fun little jars make everything. You might have even caught my 16 Vegan Recipes in a Jar roundup, perfect for those abstaining from animal products. But in this collection of Mason jar salads and recipes, I’m embracing meat!

While each of the following recipes are good for you, they also use a variety of ingredients, including animal products, that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Enjoy!

1. Apple, Cranberry, Almond Mason Jar Salads

This make-ahead salad is just what you need to cure those sad desk lunch blues. The crisp apple, almond and cranberry blend pair perfectly with the homemade Greek yogurt poppy seed dressing. I love that you can add in leftover chicken or steak to beef up the protein, too!

Photo: Iowa Girl Eats

2. Cheeseburger Salad in a Jar

Who needs a bun when you have a burger in a jar? I love clever Mason jar salads that are full of all the best parts of a burger. To keep the ingredients from getting soggy or melting the cheese, be sure to let the ground beef cool before adding it to the jar.

3. Chicken, Bacon and Ranch Mason Jar Salad

This is like your favorite sandwich, without pesky bread getting in the way. With diced chicken, fresh avocado, crispy bacon (turkey or beef, of course!) and freshly grated cheddar cheese, this mason jar salad is sure to become a lunchtime staple. Psst: my homemade, dairy-free Ranch Dressing goes nicely with this salad.

4. Deconstructed Sushi

All of sushi’s great taste without having to roll it all up? Sign me up! This recipe makes a mean deconstructed avocado roll and even includes nori, the seaweed you usually find around your sushi rice. Try this next time you have a hankering for a roll.

Deconstructed Sushi
Photo: Krista and Jess

5. Greek Mason Jar Salad

Enjoy the benefits of the Mediterranean diet with this Greek-inspired Mason jar salad. Packed with zucchini, olives, chickpeas, feta and a homemade lemon vinaigrette, this is a hearty meal that’s packed with flavor.

6. Healthy Homemade Instant Noodles (Sesame Ginger)

Skip those dreadful instant noodle packs and make your own instead! I love that you can add frozen veggies to this jar and let them thaw throughout the day and use leftover chicken. Just add hot water and you have homemade noodles at the ready.

7. Healthy Layered Tuna Salad Mason Jars

These Mason Jar salads are packed with tuna protein and heart-healthy omega-3 fats. I love that you’re given two delicious options, complete with homemade dressings, to turn canned tuna into a gourmet meal.

Healthy Layered Tuna Salad Mason Jars
Photo: The View from Great Island

8. Kiddo’s Quinoa Salad

This kid-approved mason jar salad is full of flavor and a terrific option for meat-free Mondays. With protein-rich quinoa, bell peppers, balsamic vinegar and olive oil and more, this meal takes minutes to put together. Divvy it up among a few mason jars for the whole family to enjoy.

9. Mason Jar Turkey Zucchini Lasagna

Lasagna in a jar? Yes, you read that right. This noodle-free zoodle recipe stacks all the best parts of lasagna — meaty, cheesy, tomato-y lasagna — over baked zucchini in a jar, allowing you to truly enjoy all those delightful layers without pesky pasta in the way. And really, isn’t it all about the meat and cheese anyway?

Mason Jar Turkey Zucchini Lasagna
Photo: Food, Faith, Fitness

10. Mixed Berry Balsamic

The star of some Mason jar salads is the dressing. Here it’s mixed berry balsamic vinaigrette, which you can whip up in minutes. Add cubed chicken, which will soak up some of that tasty berry flavor, crisp arugula, feta cheese and more berries, for a flavor explosion.

11. Pesto Pasta Salad

This pesto pasta is gorgeous when served in these pretty Mason jars. The recipe itself is simple: pasta spirals are covered in a homemade pesto sauce. Bulk this one up a bit with diced chicken and tomatoes, then garnish with fresh basil and parmesan cheese for a meal that tastes as good as it looks.

12. Raw Pad Thai Mason Jar Salad with Kelp Noodles

This Thai-inspired raw recipe uses anti-inflammatory kelp noodles, made from seaweed, along with zucchini noodles, a heap of veggies and an almond butter-based dressing for a veggie-friendly dish that’s fun and nourishing.

13. Red, White and Blue Mason Jar Salad

Let your patriotic side shine through with these red, white and blue salad. With just a few ingredients, like fresh greens, sliced strawberries, juicy blueberries, feta and poppy seed dressing, you have a mason jar salad that’s delicious for a light lunch or even as a starter if you’re having company.

Red, White and Blue Mason Jar Salad
Photo: The Cookie Rookie

14. Roasted Tomato Caprese Mason Jar Salad

It’s amazing how such basic ingredients can be transformed with a sleight of hand. This caprese salad is one of those. Roasting the cherry tomatoes adds a hint of sweetness while the fresh mozzarella is nice and creamy. I love the upgraded balsamic dressing, made with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, mustard and seasonings. This mason jar salad is perfect for warm summer evenings.

15. Sausage & Kale Omelets in a Jar

There’s no excuse for bland, boring breakfasts anymore, not when you can prepare these sausage and kale omelets! I’d opt for beef, chicken or turkey sausage, but otherwise, I wouldn’t change a thing. You’ll get an early dose of greens with vitamin-rich kale along with the healthy benefits of ghee, one of my favorite cooking fats.

16. Southwest Zucchini Noodle Mason Jar Salad with Avocado Dressing

It almost doesn’t matter what’s in this Mason jar salad: the avocado dressing that accompanies all the good-for-you ingredients is that good. Made with Greek yogurt, fresh avocado, sour cream, garlic, jalapeño and fresh herbs, it goes deliciously well with everything.

Luckily, you’ll enjoy the rest of the salad just as much. It’s full of cauliflower, black beans, chicken and zucchini noodles, for some serious Southwest flavor.

Southwest Zucchini Noodle Mason Jar Salad with Avocado Dressing
Photo: Yummy Healthy Easy