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Discovering the Mystery of Angelica Root

Another herb to add to our series called “Herb of the Week”. We invite you to watch and learn about Angelica root. I’d like to introduce the mystical Angelica Root and talk about its health benefits. Read and watch to see how angelica can boost your health and make you feel better. Adding angelica root could possible reduce/improve your digestive issues. Angelica root could also be a great option for you to improve your respiratory troubles. Please watch and educate yourselves on this amazing herb.

What Does Alfalfa Do for Me?

Hey Everyone, It’s Jason here at the House of Health. I’m starting off something new today. It’s called “Herb of the Week”. Every week I will be featuring an herb from our “Wall of Herbs”. I strive to educate people on the different herbs out there and how they can help you. I will also […]

Detoxing Your Underarms

We naturally release toxins when we sweat. Conventional deodorants keep toxins in using chemicals that alter how you sweat, reducing the ability to release built-up toxins. Detoxifying your armpits pulls out toxins and heavy metals. Removing these toxins helps boost your immune system and helps your endocrine system (your hormones) function better. You will continue to sweat (normal bodily function) but the ODOR will decrease!

16 Mason Jar Salads to Take to Work

I can’t get enough of Mason jar meals. I love how portable and perfectly portioned these fun little jars make everything. You might have even caught my 16 Vegan Recipes in a Jar roundup, perfect for those abstaining from animal products. But in this collection of Mason jar salads and recipes, I’m embracing meat! While […]

Wonder How You Can Ease the Pain?

Essentially Good For You Here’s a chart to help you understand essential oils that can be used for pain and inflammation. If you’re using essential oils or making oil blends, then it’s good to know what to use to maximize their benefits. This helps them go from something that’s just good to use, to something […]

6 Essential Oils to Cool Inflammation Down

The Heat Is On Inflammation is really a protective response in the healing process of the body to remove what the body considers harmful or irritating. It’s beneficial when it’s working correctly, but can contribute to health problems when an excessive amount is produced as in chronic inflammation. Inflammation lasts a longer period of time […]

Homemade Hair Butter Recipe

Many people have come in the store and asked about how to make this hair butter. So I decided to post the recipe. Now, I can’t & won’t take credit for this recipe. I saw it on Naptural85 YouTube channel. Hair Butter Recipe Unrefined Shea Butter (room temperature) Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (room temperature) *(Blend […]

25 Uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut oil isn’t a “catch all” health solution, but it has so many health benefits that allow it to be used in numerous ways. One of the most common questions that we get from customers in the store is, “How do I use it?” So, I’m going to share 25 ways to use coconut oil […]